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The Truth About Your Metabolism

If you’re like most people I’m sure you’ve tried to lose some pounds at one point or another in your life. Some of us have made a career of it and never stop fighting to lose weight. It means that we are always looking for some magic thing that will help us to speed our metabolism and burn more calories.

Weight loss programs often promise to provide some secret to boost your metabolism and make the process easy but, in fact, those are just gimmicks.

The need to have a quick and easy solution to lose weight is so big that many theories are established on the notion that a specific food or drink will help you magically burn more calories.

While most nutritionists agree that eating a diet consisting of whole grains, lean protein and lots of fruits and vegetables is healthy, there is no evidence that so-called “calorie burning” foods like grapefruit or cabbage actually promote weight loss. Unfortunately, there is no food we can consume that will help us burn those extra pounds.

Some other concepts that are advertised as metabolism boosters include:

1 – Don’t eat too close to your bed time

The idea behind it is that your metabolism is slowing down at night, and you’ll sabotage your weight loss if you eat too close to bedtime. This is NOT true. Calories are calories. The problem with late night eating is that you tend to make poorer choices and eat too much of these unhealthy foods.

2 – Drinking water speeds metabolism.

Drinking lots of water is very healthy for many reasons, but it does not enhance your ability to burn more calories. If you drink plenty of water, it can help to keep you feeling full, you’ll want to eat less – but more water in your system won’t burn those extra pounds.

3 – Eating breakfast boosts your metabolism

People who eat only one meal a day will shut down their metabolism. So, you can say that by eating breakfast you help to keep your metabolism up and running. The more important fact is that people who eat breakfast are much less likely to binge later in the day and are more in control of what they eat throughout the day.

4 – Build muscles

There is only one way to enhance your metabolism: build more lean muscle mass! Muscles are the tissue in the body that burn more calories than fat tissue, so by having more muscle and less fat you’ll increase your ability to burn calories.

Physical activity is the way to increase your muscle mass. Bearing weight exercises are the best way to do that, although any physical activity will help you maintain your muscle mass as you age.

In conclusion, to be successful in weight loss and shed those extra pounds, to enhance your ability to burn more calories and keep the results for the long run – you must include physical activity in your weight loss efforts and, to be more specific, start to do strength training to build your muscle mass.


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