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I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like this frozen drink.  It’s cold, sweet and satisfying – especially in the hot summer. The problem is the huge amount of calories it comes with – a 16 oz. drink is a minimum of 500 calories – even more than a meal.

In the last couple of weeks I created it at home and the results are great. For the same serving size of 16oz, you can make it yourself for about 80 calories.

Now I can have it more than twice a year and enjoy it without feeling guilty and suffering the result of extra sugar and pounds.

Here is the basic recipe, please feel free to play with it to your taste and liking. Make it your own and enjoy the drink, the fewer calories and… the much cheaper affect on your pocket as well.


For coffee ice cubes (it makes more than for one time):

3 tsp instant coffee

2 tsp sugar (I like dark brown)

1&1/2 cups water

Preparing the drink (make one big serving or 2 regular servings):

3 coffee ice cubes

6 ice cubes

½ cup 1% milk

½ cup cold water

1 tsp vanilla

4 stevia packs


Make the mixture for the cubes:

Use instant or any other coffee making method you like and pour into ice cube tray and put in the freezer.

For the drink:

  • Put the ice and coffee cubes in the blender – pulse to break them up as much as possible.
  • Add all the other ingredients and, according to your blender, blend on high or on the smoothie setting until everything is blended really well. If it’s too thick – add a little water or milk until it’s the consistency you like.
  • Pour into a glass, add a straw if you like and… enjoy!!!

Personal notes:

  1. You can make the coffee cubes from any coffee you like, make espresso or any other method.
  2. Try to play with it – you can add more vanilla or none at all, or maybe you like cinnamon, or walnut extract or anything else you have around and feel like trying.
  3. I did try adding peppermint extract, it was good, however you need to be careful with this stuff – it’s very strong and a little goes a long way (½ tsp is about right).
  4. You can make it with no caffeine; add some fresh fruit and no coffee ice cubes.

I hope you’ll try it… I would love to hear what you think. You might even invent a new version that I didn’t think about, please share it with me.


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