Tal Cohen is a Certified Personal Trainer and Coach as well as the founder of Wow Yourself!, a full-service Wellness Consultancy.  Wow Yourself! was created to empower women to create the physical body and sense of well-being needed to stay energized, self-confident and in charge of their changing lives.

The seeds of Wow Yourself! started in 2000 when Tal found herself at the lowest point in her life.  She was three months pregnant, needed surgery and had just moved to a new state where she lacked a much-needed support network of family and friends.  Totally isolated with a 3-year-old, a premature baby and a rocky marriage, food became the friend Tal turned to more and more.  A year later, at 200+ pounds, depressed and out of energy, Tal hit rock bottom.  She knew it was time to look at the future and make the decisions and choices which would move her life forward.

Tal took the traditional route—moving more and eating less but she also started to examine her thoughts, mental and spiritual health.  She found that her self-talk, personal viewpoint and beliefs were negative, devaluing and demeaning.  It was then she realized that the real work had just begun.

Over the next three years, Tal worked on both her physical and spiritual fitness.  As she learned how closely they supported each other she became fitter in both mind and body.

Tal then became a Certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach in order to share her transformation with other women finding themselves in a similar place.  Drawing on her own journey, her professional training and life experience with others, Tal developed a unique and achievable approach to help women change their lives through focus on both physical and spiritual fitness.

Tal continues to grow and bring up-to-date information to her clients through her professional affiliations.  She is certified by the National Academy on Sports Medicine (NASM) and Wellcoaches and is an active member of IDEA, the world’s largest association for fitness and wellness professionals.  In her spare time, Tal enjoys yoga, hiking, traveling and various forms of dance.

Whenever I talked about my bad habits or belittled myself, Tal stopped me and asked me to change the way I looked at myself.  I found her to be a very positive influence in putting forth a new outlook to gain better health and fitness.”  (Bev, Denver)